Asking the same 20 Questions over and over gives a chance to dive deep into humanity.

Our concepts are made to creatively and enthusiastically share our main conclusion:

We are much more the same than we think

1,000 people interviewed, 20,000 answers collected, and an unprecedented human adventure

In this book you'll discover what pushed us to launch this crazy project in 2016, how we find the people we interview, and who they are. Most of all, based on a methodical analysis of the answers, you will understand how we got to our main conclusion that we are much more the same than we think.



"And you, what question would you like to ask the world?"

1,000 people around the planet already answered this question, and thus asked their own question to the world. 

We want to get them answers.

In this video cabin designed to be placed in public squares, train stations, airports, etc. anybody can come and answer somebody else's question. The recorded answer will then be sent to the person who asked the question. 

Isn't communication the first step towards mutual understanding?

Contact us if you want to have this cabin on your events. Different types of formats are available


Writing, more than speaking, offers the luxury of the right word.

In the middle of each poster is a question whose origin is the same as that of the "Dialogue" exhibition.

Presented on a piece of paper, these questions invite to a short personal introspection. Once your answer is ready in your head, you can write it on the poster

Answers are then sent to those who asked the questions as soon as the posters are fully covered.


It's sort of a worldwide collaborative postcard

Once we will have enough, we plan to make an exhibition will all the posters full of answers

If the cabin has been designed to be set somewhere and stay there, this truck, with the video-cabin in the back, can bring questions and collect answers wherever we want

Out when we will have time and money!