L’Oréal R&I

At 20 Questions to the World, we love listening and getting people to talk. This is something that most certainly defines us. L’Oréal Research & Innovation asked us to give their employees a voice on the challenges of COVID-19 and help them share their vision of the future. We came up with 7 original questions that were sent to 45 employees around the world. We called each of them in person to put them at ease, told them to speak in a genuine and straightforward manner, and explained how they could film themselves. The result is available below. We can’t help but share our client’s feedback with you:

In the corporate world, relying on the word of “real” people is the key to commitment.
Thank you for this cooperation: we truly appreciated your listening, your sensitivity and what uniquely defines your value: your love of people.
We hope to see you soon for new adventures.
Long live 20Q!

What main challenge have you faced during the lockdown?

When I say R&I 360, what comes to your mind?

What world do you dream of after this uncertain period?