Transcribing people’s interviews here, as they are, without cutting or filtering, gives us the sense of making you live fully what we have experienced since the beginning of 20 Questions to the World. For a given profile - farmer, entrepreneur, politician - you will access some deep traits of their personality - their dreams, their fears, their needs - as well as their global vision of the world - their idea of ​​the future, of education, of religion. A precious mix of emotions and opinions that makes it possible, we hope, to apprehend these people in a complete way. It is a kind of miniature of humanity that will parade under your eyes.

Reading these interviews is also about a game of comparison. Very quickly, one's answer will send you to the answer of another, read a few moments earlier. You will then compare their social profiles but also perhaps the rest of their answers, trying to understand the main points of divergence or similarity. We speak indeed a lot about differences. Different people, different opinions, different nationalities ... We hope that you will also perceive the convergences in the following interviews, and that they will surprise you as they surprised us. Surprisingly (or not), some questions often lead to the same types of answers. Should we find that boring? We have the naivety to think that these redundancies in fact bring to light the solid base of humanity that is in each one of us, yet so easily forgotten.