New Delhi, INDIA - Belt Master


Interview made by Cyril Bruyelle​ in September 2017

I interviewed Sajjad in the textile factory where he works near New Delhi. Even if his salary is very low, he says that this is still a better situation than his parents who were earning nothing. We can imagine in what living conditions he grew up. His answers are mixed between an open wish to have more money and a true will to help others. That's actually a common trend that we noticed in our interviews: the poorest people are often the most generous. Helping each other is usually the only way that people in dire needs have to survive. 
It was also a great opportunity for us to discover an Indian textile factory. Working conditions have improved a lot in Indian factories in recent years, with tighter regulations. Of course, it is not perfect, especially regarding the chemical products they use, but it is going in the right direction, and no more kids are supposed to be working here.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

When I was young I used to think that I'd get educated and become someone, that I would learn some work

and be able to acquire things.


With whom would you like to have a coffee?

I would like to go with a family member.


If you could choose something that could be taught in every school in the world, what would it be?

Something that will help everyone become successful. Like computer course and other such things.


To you, what’s the main characteristic that all human being have in common?

There is one thought that there should be honesty in everyone. Love…we should see everyone with love and live with love.


To you, who is the happiest person on earth?

The happiest person is the one who is spending his life with his parents.


If you were President of the US, what would your first reform be?

US? Yes. First of all I would like Indians there to be protected and live well.


What do you need?

My need is to have enough money to live a good life.


What would you do if we gave you 1 million dollars now?

I’ll invest it in a business, which will benefit common people as well. No... If I get money I'll spend it somewhere that helps others.

Which innovation, realistic or not, would greatly ease your day-to-day life?

It should be something that benefits common people of the country and the world.


What’s the news that affects you the most in your country these days?

I see discovery channel. In that I see animals taking a life. A life shouldn’t be taken like this. Yes. That affects me more.


Do you think your life is easier or more complicated than the life of your parents?

My parent's life was more complicated because at that time in our home we had more problems, there was no one to earn money, so their lives had more troubles.


If you had to create a company, what would it be?

I'll create a company of the work I know. I will make something of belt and leather.


Can you draw something beautiful?

A beetle leaf.

What are you afraid of?

I am most afraid of water.


What is your dream?

The dream is to earn and to live well. The dream is to earn a lot what else could be the dream?


Close your eyes, you are in 2100, what do you see?

100 years later I see that men are killing men.


What is the most beautiful thing that you’ve seen in your life?

The most beautiful thing in my life is my wife.


What does religion mean to you?

Everyone's religion is right for them.


Which of your country's cultural specificities are you the proudest of?  

In India we all live together. I like that a lot.


If you could do any job regardless of money, what would you do?

It'll be a job that'll benefit 10 people and even if the money is less it wouldn’t be a problem the job will be like some type of social service.


If you had to explain our planet to an alien what would you say?

If people from another world come then I would like to learn from them about what is their world. I'll tell them how we live here, the way of life.


And you, which question would you like to ask to the world?

If I can, I would ask that everyone in the world how to manage to live together, together in harmony.