artistic works

The concepts we explore are designed to encourage self-questioning and of others, to better understand what binds and differentiates us, and to (re)discover the richness of humanity.

Cafés Questions

When was the last time you talked to a stranger?
The principle is simple: a table, 2 strangers, our 20 questions, a coffee, and the magic happens.

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the booth

“And you, what question would you ask the world?”
This is the last question in our questionnaire, which has already been asked more than a thousand times worldwide. In this cabin, you can freely answer one of the questions we have collected, and your answer will be sent back to the person who asked it. Isn’t communication the first step towards mutual understanding? This booth can be set up in public places, and at public or private events.

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the book

Cyril met more than 500 people across 5 continents and asked them his 20 questions. In this book, you’ll find the testimony of an adventurer who lived an extraordinary human experience.

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the exhi

[Under development – scheduled for after covid]
A brand new format for a lively and immersive experience around our 20 Questions. A 3,000m2 stage with 20 animations to (re)discover the richness of humanity. 2.5 hours filled with encounters, creativity, optimism and kindness.