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Since 2018, more than 15 new teams of amateur reporters have taken off to ask their questions around the world. They are our greatest pride. Contact us if you too would like to get involved and ask questions, whether on the other side of the world or on your street corner!

20 Questions to Children

In April 2018, Antoine told us: “I would like to adapt your project to children, would that be possible?”. Today, 20 Questions to Children is a global and long-lasting educational method, in partnership with Nathan Editions, which allows young schoolchildren from all over the world to ask each other questions. Nearly 500 children have already sat down in front of Antoine’s camera, and they can watch each other’s answers. What better way to promote the values of openness and mutual understanding from an early age?

visit the dedicated website here to learn more about this initiative

20 Questions to the Sustainable World

In 2019, Louise, Emma and Marine travelled for 7 months to take the pulse of sustainable consciousness around the planet. They visited 6 countries and asked their 20 questions on sustainable development to more than 150 people from a wide variety of social backgrounds. 7 months of travel, camera in hand, to listen to everyone’s fears and hopes for the future of our planet. And a recurring answer: “We are all responsible for protecting the planet”.

the world of tomorrow

Who hasn’t dreamt of taking a big family trip? That’s what Charlotte, Pierre, Nine (14), Louise (12) and Jean (9) did by exploring the Americas for 5 months. Along the way, they stopped at schools to ask questions from 20 Questions to Children. Here are some pictures of their journey (and another they are preparing in the video below). Beware, you might drop everything and go on a trip yourself after seeing this!

watch the video

20 Questions to Food Lovers

Amélie and Colombe

  • Asia
  • September-December 2018
  • 50 interviews

20 Questions to the World (1)


  • Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam and Indonesia
  • May-August 2018
  • 46 interviews

20 Questions to Europeans


  • Following Europe’s outside borders
  • February-August 2019
  • 54 interviews

20 Questions to Nomads

Baptiste and Pauline

  • Finland, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, India, Nepal
  • March-August 2018
  • 21 interviews

20 Questions to the World (2)

Clément, Benjamin, Charles-Auxence and Simon

  • Around the world
  • July-December 2019
  • 128 interviews

20 Questions to Women

Diane and Capucine

  • 5 months in Asia
  • January 2020 – COVID-19
  • 20 interviews

20 Questions to the World (3)

The Berling family

  • Around the world
  • January 2020 – COVID-19
  • 30 interviews

20 Questions to the World (4)

Margaux, Paul, Sam, Olivier

  • Around the world
  • January 2020 – COVID-19
  • 30 interviews

20 Questions to Parents

Vianney and Camylle

  • Around the world
  • January 2020 – COVID-19
  • 15 interviews

20 Questions to the World (6)

Juliette and Mathilde

  • Around the world
  • Taking off in December 2020

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