the book

Nous, humains !


“From Bolivia to Syria to the United States, you’ll learn more about humans than in any study. The plurality of these testimonies engages our own reflection on the world we are part of, and how to make it a better world, which is an essential quest for me. There are never enough of us to raise awareness and I firmly believe that optimists are the ones who shape the future.”

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

1,000 interviews, 80 nationalities, 20,000 responses, 3 years of research to better understand the world.

Cyril Bruyelle met with people across five continents and asked them the same 20 questions. In this book, you’ll find the testimony of an adventurer who lived an extraordinary human experience. The author analysed the thousands of answers collected to unveil a powerful and enthusiastic message of humanity: as humans, we are much more similar to one another than we may think! Beyond cultures, ideologies, countries, humans share a universal definition that is proudly expressed in the collected answers about dreams, fears, religions, happiness, future and needs. This book can help everyone gain a better understanding of humans, feel what binds or differentiates us, and get closer to a sense of global community, an essential step towards resolving the major issues we face today.

“Between collapsology and transhumanism, in a context of fake news and social media, I felt I no longer understood anything. No matter what I read, no matter what I watched, I always felt like someone was trying to force ideas into my head. So I thought of an entrepreneurial project that would allow me to quench my thirst to gain an ‘objective’ understanding of the world. The idea was very simple: go and ask people questions.” Cyril Bruyelle