"Your question is a bit stupid" "You should review your questionnaire"

One of the most challenging interview, surely because he was one of the most pragmatic person interviewed
French Lawyer

Eric Dupont-Moretti


INA asked children in 1962 to imagine the world in 2000

We asked children in 2018 to imagine the world in 2100

It is unbeleivable how similar are the answers. 


"I judge people by the way they treat the people that are serving them food".

In this video, Monica, ​the chef baker of the restaurant Lady of the House of Detroit,

a popular address of the city, 

explains why she thinks that

everybody should wait tables



Which innovation would make your life easier?

Most people are waiting for the same innovation. 

Interestingly, this is the question which we got the most similar answers.. 


Philippe is homeless in Paris

"Son of unknown parents, abandonned in a trash bag in the front of the town hall"

"My life is terrible, 62 years of problems".

What a touching interview it was with Philippe, hoping it can help to change our perceptions of homeless people.


Making an interview with the Baikal lake in the background was something very special, even more when the person you interview grew up there. 

Olesya currently works in Irkutsk in HR. Growing up right next to the biggest source of pure water in the world gave her a special relationship to nature. From religion to fears or happiness, she always comes back to it. This particular relation was actually expressed by many people who live surrounded

by nature everyday. Maybe because they see a daily beauty that you can't notice when living in urban areas. Maybe also because they can testify the rapid changes that we impose to our natural environment. 

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