Bel – BeLow Carbon’ Stories


Testify the change in people’s job following the carbon commitments made by the group

“The carbon reduction commitments we have made over the past several years have changed all of the group’s professions, from purchasing and finance to human resources. We would like a seiries of videos showing this.”

For Bel, we have designed and produced a series of 8 episodes – 1 per job: finance, logistics, innovation, HR, etc. – in which we interview an employee of company as well as one of his external partners. We took care of the whole project, from the writing of questions to the final edit.

The episodes were published on the group’s external and internal networks, with a high rate of engagement.

#BeLowCarbon Stories: Pilot Episode 🌍

#BeLowCarbon Stories: Episode 1, Finance 🌍

#BeLowCarbon Stories: Episode 2, Purchasing 🌍

#BeLowCarbon Stories: Episode 3, Human Resources 🌍