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Since 2016, we have asked the same 20 questions to over 1,500 people around the world, from Mongolian nomads to New York businessmen. The analysis of the first 30,000 responses delivers a clear message: as humans, we are much more similar to one another than we may think. This is the message we intend on spreading, convinced that in a world where everything has become globalised very quickly, it is necessary to promote a sense of human empathy, and to feel united in the face of our common challenges.

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Based on the thousands of responses collected around the world

Questions to...

seniors, homeless, leaders, refugees...

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A sequence of meticulously organised answers to the same exact question

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Enter a person's intimacy by listening to several of their answers

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around the question

An expert deciphers thousands of answers and identifies trends

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artistic works

Sparked by the desire to better understand the world, our goal today is to bring people together. The concepts we explore are designed to encourage self-questioning and of others, to discover the convictions and ideas of people on the other side of the planet, to have fun, to be moved, and to realise that we are all much more similar than we think!

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“From Bolivia to Syria to the United States, you’ll learn more about humans than in any study. The plurality of these testimonies engages our own reflection on the world we are part of, and how to make it a better world, which is an essential quest for me.”*

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

*Excerpt from his foreword for our book “We Humans!”


We give organisations the opportunity to join the adventure by creating exclusive concepts with them

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20 Questions to the World is an exploration and movement open to all. Whether you want to conduct interviews around the world or bring in new ideas, there are a thousand ways to join us. We’re waiting for you!

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