Okaïdi – Good Ideas For Tomorrow

“Hundreds of French schoolchildren have collaborated to write a manifesto with their ideas for building the world of tomorrow. How can we make sure this initiative doesn’t stop there? Think big!”

Giving the speech to children and encouraging their ambition, we know well at 20 Questions to the World. We’ve been doing it for four years through our 20 Questions to Children program.

For this project, we imagined and produced an original web-series that propels, thanks to the action of an ambassador child and the commitment of a community, the manifesto to a leading political figure and inspires the launch of a crazier educational project: the 1st European Children’s Parliament!

In the last episode (not yet shot), our ambassador is about to meet the president of the European Parliament…

To find out more about this project, go here.

Episode 1 -The Next Generation

Episode 2 – Objective Parliament!

Episode 3 – Vote Kids!

Episode 4 – Rayan In Paris (part 1)

Episode 5 – Rayan In Paris (part 2)