Pernod Ricard

#Internalcommunication #CSR #EmployeeEngagement

Unite, raise awareness and engage employees around the year’s CSR theme: well-being

Well-being has been chosen by Pernod Ricard as one of the central themes of their CSR roadmap. The company approached us with a fairly wide request: how to get people talking about this sensitive, sometimes personal, and often subjective topic. And how to create an authentic video that would raise awareness on the subject.

In keeping with our approach, we proposed to give the floor to the people most concerned.

After a phase of getting to grips with the subject (documentary research), we set off to meet some twenty employees with varied profiles in 7 different countries. Each of them answered the same questionnaire, which we had drawn up in collaboration with the CSR team.

The result is a sensitive and, above all very human short documentary, widely distributed both internally and externally.